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Follow-up post – twitter hit

1 Mar

Ed’s 4-month challenge.

Ed’s four-month challenge to humanity.

#UnitedEarth #COM21 #TheFreeWorldCharter
#RETROFIT #workingwith #rbe’

What I said to Steve Saylor, who is actually our winning progressive candidate. Finally, someone who talks like we do and can build the RBE.
6 videos on a series so far there.!
The Free Party has a candidate?

Finally, what my inventions do is deploy for houses, what we do. Thank you

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We’ll Get There

7 Apr

We are the ones the underdogs ready to take on the mantle of a new society; happily folks are starting to wake up though to the facts: that things are not our whole utility, purpose and happiness as people really, is for the others :). With that assumption gone, the truth is that the established structure crumbles.

It becomes a matter of how to get things from A->B, and that’s something that we do every day. We gotta get on the same page; and so that is, what’s been called a free world renaissance, involves process as much as content, trying to be more matriarchal and less dominated. Many of us believing that yeah, this will probably be the method of the future. If you think this would be worse for the environment, just ask or consider anyone who’s lived free already.

I pasted two people’s comments and a page together, is all. Now this is a nice direction of where we could go:

Here is Changing the World – #Freemovement

and it builds in us as we spread the word (world?). If you have any comments, leave them! If this doesn’t work with you for any reason, please let me know! Otherwise, you can share from the buttons there.

Spreading the word about a free world will not lead us to a transition, spreading the word IS the transition. We are already in it. All we need is a sufficient will of the people to bring about the necessary changes. A figure as low as 1% of the world’s population may even be enough to start an unstoppable chain-reaction, but how it actually unfolds is anyone’s guess!

Here’s the “Bulletin” I made up while at home to simply get our heads in the right place as we are going through this, for March: . We all are working on this in our heads, could we just get rid of the money?

We are the ones that are to inherit this, and make the new way to do everything. Matriarchal: yeah love-based instead let’s get rid of the money. I had a BA, but have seen a lot of humanity along the way. Happy to do something like this, and try to do it as a best possible path and yeah, ❤

Ed “Che” Miller.

Enough of stuff, free city: The Ecology of Things

30 Oct

Ecology of things – Enough of Stuff!

There are a lot of good drawings and ideas, mostly really cheap and found items, which comprise a, set of technology as it were that has the power to free homes. Supposedly there are more coming, too. The technology’s only half of it, there is a better interface that bring into a whole alternative, as well. Still working on the electricity, but these alternative systems that are the basics comprising a flourishing alternative lifestyle are heat, cooking with small sticks, electric and inverter (or 110V A.C. potentially from atmospheric?), gather eg, alternative work, cell phone free cell phone, meal eg. food, things like school supplies, electronics, audio, straw, toiletries eg whatever (see community supply mechanism). A community can provide these things as well as it’s mostly all in existence already; this is a transitionary post towards a place where I feel like we all know is going.

A house can be freed, as a cash-out or build-out of its responsibilities. Those with a newspaper or a publishing house, those with an NGO, a trade union, retirees, a university department with dozens of these heirs, can flood the bookstores, the airwaves, even cyberspace with their ideas. When activists from the trade unions, the antiwar movement, the organizations of the landless, the fighters against the threats posed by climate change and the rapid reduction of biodiversity sense the need for action, then continuing modern playground games will not do. When factories are closing all over, when minimum wage constitutes slavery conditions in the USA, when sweatshops are wearing out their young workforces in a few years for less than a dollar a day as we go more in debt, and we don’t WANT all that again? A cess pool of a legal system has made it nearly impossible to talk about the issue, tons of stupid money is spent on non-issue what could have been carried to a tribal council, natural law grand jury, or queen(?) to have a decision that isn’t even money based. When hospitals, schools, public transport, electricity and water supply are free, with work aspirational and voluntary?

Welcome to the participation of mass organizations of the working class, which have the potential to mobilize millions into decisive action against the system. At this point in time, an enormous, uncoordinated (or “decentralized bureaucracy,” if you believe in Anonymous) world-wide effort is underway to implement an unprecedented reset of the economic system. Economics is like the ecology of interaction, different from capitalism which is based on pursuit of profit, private property, and inequality of wealth. Actually incentivizing greed. Rather, what if everything you did as a voluntary service to the person you had in mind? All industry and manufacturing are supported in all possible ways to deliver the abundance of all things to all people. The institution of rent is abolished. Community would still form, and an inclusion amongst the groups which you already participate. Interface upgrade delivers things to where they need to be, be a driver and see the country, give food, or re-distribute it. Most “things” offer a diminishing enjoyment, so we could expect a matching about +.5 in the revaluation. Any existing bureaucracy who should happen to see this post should visit an upcoming post, guide to current government leaders. Which will be realistic as well. I am happy to do this as with all my work as it’s my capability and able-bodiedness.

Evolution Code:
A Robot – should be mining, clean 🙂

Design the farm,
Design the diner. Reduce seasonality perhaps with a greenhouse, as some won’t go for.

Free ecology? Incentivize with food.
Not against anyone, re-assuring and nice.
I feel like Paul, the letter writer to the different online nations. You know he walked for ages amongst people even as he was telling them they were doing it wrong.

Don’t be thinking against, or thinking wrong, help build and as we figure it out- with an emergence model of social change. Success models highly seeked, as we change our country with the eagle soaring well, and others as well. Let’s take the signs that are being given us, avoid an international catastrophe, and stop from destroying other planets, as well. Take a clue, learn from nature. You’ll know what you have to do and, yes, if you have money currently where to put it. As they go, this is a pretty good guide: Freedom vocabulary, and existing infrastructure can start it. Hope you guys enjoyed the post of ecology of things, we could use most people of ability preparing the ground.

Unity is the feasible thing that we can do right now. I hope that everyone will support (and share?) as our movement goes into this next technical phase, hope I’ve included everyone, that we basically get a great evolution that gets better as it goes onward! Be for the free movement, let’s change our ways. Paradigm shift.

Sincerely, Ed “Ché.” (Cuba, the one they won, right?)

Capitalism is the Problem

22 Apr

A post by Ed Che.

Please re-share this if you like it!!!! Sometimes these ideas are big and they go into the consciousness but they don’t get read and interpreted, so a primary note please like or share the url! Thanks.

This post will attempt to prove that the errors of humanity’s history so far are systemic, the direct cause of which being capitalism; the financing and then pursuit of a bottom line of money. This system is at first a disconnect, from the living within the means of, nature around us. With the introduction of capitalism, the indigenous were systemically incentivized to hunt more beavers, to please the fashion in Europe. Rather than “oh, my gosh we are killing a living animal,” the idea of money or currency changes the rational to a calculus of available resources: hm, well I could probably kill a few more, make a few more snares, a few more hours– so from the earth, that beaver in this case, from being directly supportive of him/her/or them, its now a means for getting money, which supports him/her/them. That happens with farmers, too: a self-motivated person who can grow enough food turns into someone who is growing commodity, for market, for money, for food. They are disconnected with their environment in that could be anything that they are growing; even inedible spawn of Satan such as monsanto’s GMO “corn” and “soy””beans”.

The logic of return to a bottom line leads rational people to invest in what nature would see as an overproduction. This altered reality lead to large parts of the continent we live on getting deforested; leading people to entirely CUT DOWN large parts of where we live! before realizing the immorality of what they were doing. It lead to extractive industries which made high-density plastics, PVC, metals, and weapons. Nowhere along this line of thought is there a consideration of the necessity- do we have to have these things? but rather is driven by the financiers, the elite and parasites who are only after a convenient “bottom line.” Your life, as a do-er and rational person, is reduced in their eyes to that bottom line. Indeed, even today many well-intentioned posts talk about incomes as if that is life…. how about love, right? (food and wifi, ah?)

The getting places of the right things at the right quantities at the right time does not happen on its own, as economics would have you believe. In reality a large amount is syphoned off to the financial ingenuity in the middle; saying hm I could make that work with the numbers. Such that the farmer in the Southern hemisphere gets perhaps 20% if that, of the price that is paid at consumption. This gap is accounted for almost entirely by capitalism, the people that can write business plans and, get them financed. There is a top ten percent that this system favors, while the rest are suckered into….

Labor. Labor is what the bulk of humanity got suckered into in capitalism, and this component really brings it down to: can you put up with and do what you’re told for an extended period of time every day, for money. These 99%, are the cogs of the machine which make it work. It’s not the political talkers, it’s the marx-esque working class. Again, there’s a disconnect: rather than question that basic social condition upon which the system is based, we all do this because we feel stuck in it. But of course, if we are the people and there is a system, we can change it, if we want to right?

It would be untruthful for me to JUST say that democracy is stacked and corrupted by money. The truthful thing for me to say would be that there is an alternative, that’s developed in nearly all aspects of life and furthermore, that this alternative is fun to develop for because its called hacking. Once committed to a non-capitalistic lifestyle, the design and implementation of a new system is what takes over. You want as elegant a solution as possible, such that it can be free for you and everyone else. We have the internet; this process is totally possible. Hacking: to repurpose the dominant paradigm in order to make it more accessible for all parties involved.

So every day I hack something different, it could be some kind of plant, or a hot shower. Many of the utilities from before I’ve come up with and posted on my websites, social media profiles, github, and wikis. These sites are intentionally free and open to anyone; if this idea catches on then very quickly the freedom will be so accessible to anyone with the few sites. There is actually a call to action url with over fifty shares: Since not all places are alike, these solutions will be in large part different for those different areas. They will, however, all be referenceable online.

This new model would operate such that once built, it needn’t many resources (intentional use of that word) from the outside world, and operate with no money. This is very possible on house-scales already, in towns accessible by using common spaces like libraries parks and street benches, in cities if you don’t pay rent. (What is the concentration of property-deeds into the hands of a one-percent other than a foolish attempt to bottom-line a common resource??) Once built, houses would be for the most part self-sustaining, and consumption would happen from the library or cloud. Development of new technology still happens, but under different guidelines, for the system has changed. (technology, is not to be trusted; trust me for now that it would find it’s way.) Its important to note in discussing anti-capitalism the difference between want/need and have to. Need, as it turns out, is not strong enough. You have to do some things. Its been happy for me for a long time as I’ve not used been a part of capitalism for years now. (identifying and turning down these influences when they come at me.)

If the human race goes away from capitalism as its guiding system, a lot of the system’s current struggles will be made irrelevant. Rather than a singular point of freedom, this wave brings in a community. With that agreement, a new paradigm brought about would function equivalently both upstream and downstream of each of us.
Paying bills to make ends meet: if I’d like to grow food and more than I need I will give it away, as long as I don’t need to pay the bills any more. And some things will be a downsize, probably what was needed anyways: eg, if there’s not fuel for the tractor in the same way, let’s get together and grow the food (many hands would make light work of it), or use electric now to get away from the fossil fuel requirement; or use horses (who also, help grow their own food/alfalfa, and are very beautiful and sacred animals).
Greed right now we are in a system which encourages and rewards greed. People spend a lot of their time thinking about the wrong things. It goes hand in hand with effort in the new one, in that if you have the mind for it, you’ll have the right things that you want. One person with the mind of a trailblazer does not discourage others from doing these things, and those seeds might help if there’s extras. Again, in a cooperative system the excess helps the system and heals the earth. This does not take away from any one person having enough; and does not mean any forced equality like in communism.
Corruption I do not want to get into politics in this post, as that would be a corruption of my intention and is something that I don’t think that much about, but others do. A corruption of this post would be to say, oh that’s “socialism,” or whatever else that’s been done before, just taking an economic theory that’s totally new and making it something about government.
Rent, and evictions There was another fallacy that white people did when they came to this continent: they ascribed a financial asset on top of the earth. This made the land not only have its physical “being there,” but something about money also. I read a book that talked about this, maybe by Noam Chomsky? which described this as a financial alchemy which made the United States “rich.” By “accounting,” if you have a financial asset that is the land’s “property,” you actually have twice as much wealth. Think about it. It would be so fucking awesome and fun if an area, such as a city, gave up land values! Would just be available units, with those who lived there having preference of course, and any new buildings would come from available materials, such as the cob city in southern Sudan. Many would also probably move out of the city, so that there would simply be a flux. Cities with urban underdevelopment would find a new blood of folks experimenting with art and music, coding and new food growing. There would be an amazing online culture.

So, what are these solutions that makes this possible? Well, one of them is the ability to grow things in a very small scale. Check out “Ed Che how to live free” on youtube. This setup includes utilities: heat and a hot shower. More tobacco should be grown and figured out how to. Would be nice to have a low-altitude variety of coffee too, #justsayin. Otherwise, anything that you currently do, think about a way that it could be done for free. Try to hack that, and share pictures with your friends : Beware if you’re a do-er, designer, for that capitalistic parasite who will be a pimp to you. It’s like, take the QEG plans and try building them,live with and be happy or teach n bring in others once that seeds and manifests again. Free materials are there, they manifest: if you’re thinking things like cardboard, you’re #doinitright. Finally, the webshare on wikis and how-to sites being what we use to teach society and to learn.

What would be the proper process? Well, first of all I would say come discuss it: It’s like, either we adopt something new or else we go on with what will be a pyramid scheme re-inforced for life. Its very difficult to beat their scheme that’s as it turns out pretty deeply coded. Fuck the system! If you take the alternative path from money, we’ll win for the future, not only Earth but other planets as well. How big? Can be #allofus.

We’ve human competence, and freedom to gain. Older folks have their retirement. If needed to use money, to end money. Let’s use the internet for this, eh>

The negative connotations of “occupation”?

29 Mar

Occupy Wall Street came out about two and a half years ago, and took the country by storm. Me, too as I got accidentally involved with it. How many now are mostly interested in the Occupy politics of what’s going on? It’s, the truth and,… With more actions slated to be coming up, I just wanted to write this post from a native perspective to remember the social justice aspects of, why this land is here and what it means to, #allofus.

The Earth has, really, been abused. The uncomfortable truth for some is that there’s a history of, rape of resources and rights. What more, if hundreds of thousands of mindless consumer-capitalists don’t stop the wal-mart binge of cheap consumer products, it puts future generations at risk via credit collapse, environmental depletion, trash, stupid cheap oil, and capitalist mind-fuck. It’s not a matter of mass-producing ¨green”-marketed products, rather the dollars which lead to greed and a less than friendly way to live. We as a human race have, occupied this planet in a way that is, not consensual.

Liberation means not only freedom in money sense, freedom from being poor for example, but in social relations too. If more people are able to leave their jobs either to start living in communities or in houses, we are talking about having hang-out time like long before; “porch time,” like is appreciated by the Costa Ricans. We are talking about cultures of respect and caring for one another. I look forward to this day of liberation, and while it is a big change, it is not far away. Happens quickly in fact. America cannot continue to be a bad influence for the rest of the world, what will be a big enough force to set things to?

One aspect that I don’t talk about much on social media networks but I feel is relevant to bring up on this blog is, government. In this case, the US government is (was) elected a change regime. Hope and change were good slogans back in 2008, but maybe they mean something, too. Why is Obama giving 60% of the intelligence budget to private surveillance companies? These are the ones that would take over if given the chance, forming para-military type institution to repress the people and they don’t give a FUCK about you. Would you rather a government that either a) listens to your requests, perhaps locally at a city hall, or b) doesn’t do anything, just doesn’t get in the way? One thing for sure here is, I am pretty tired of a government that just says what you cannot do, we could seriously enter such a period of liberation and even emancipation from the overbuilt institutions of the past if weed was legalized to grow. In a long period of advocacy for farming, that is what people want to grow. Since the people don’t ALWAYS know what’s best for them, add hemp in an Executive order too and make it happen. The US is the best hackers in the world, we’ll figure out how to live. Occupyrope, occupycanvas. 🙂

It’s better without money. We can get over a lot of the, resource exploitation of the earth who no one owns and was of the indigenous people without the incentive to over-produce stuff. If you, turned off people’s utilities for a day then they would understand exactly what they have to do to survive. The freedom tools are out there, including easy well digging (youtube dawmlw) and a gaviotas sleeve pump, everyone makes their own free electricity device, or buy the setup if you prefer, and we have free culture over the internet- thanks to free server space, soon. Somehow, resources will be better allocated for Space, and the internet will make all the rest of the tools happen. Just requires a lot of free-money hackers on my operation, if you follow and share this link, please! opalt call to action:

“Would there still be X,” where X is some thing you think you need is the question and, of course there is/will be. So material survival was before we were here, the people figured out a way and, today they aren’t going to die…

Yes, that is just a solve for freedom from money and capitalism. Feel free to comment and/or share this blog’s url if you will thanks! Time to get the seeds and really, microcultures and mushroom cultures that grow fast and quickly enough for the setup. More information coming soon on my Twitter and social media profiles.

A Moment of Truth and Reality on Government

29 Jun

In this blog post, I have to give congratulations to Barack Obama especially and the so-called “authorities” of our country [USA] for some major accomplishments this last week. Among the things that these people accomplished are:

A. Positive court decisions on BOTH a repeal of Proposition 8, the controversial State marriage law in California that had made gay marriages illegal, and against the Defense of Marriage Act [DOMA], which now protects the rights of marriage to federal benefits in New York and 11 other states. (Citing the High Court’s 1967 opinion on interracial marriage in Loving v. Virginia, he reiterated that marriage, and individual states’ rights to protect it, should both be “subject to certain constitutional guarantees.” That also means gay couples should get the same federal benefits as straight couples..) From San Francisco, here’s a link which describes the battle and victory from the Bay Area Reporter, the Bay’s leading LGBT newspaper: The City has been awash with huge crowds for this whole weekend. I joined a march yesterday along Market and Taylor which had I would say over or near a thousand people. Revolution in the streets, with a big march planned Sunday.

B. A coming-out of Barack Obama on a limit to Carbon emissions in electricity-generating plants. As an American president, he can do this in order to head our country towards action on alternative energy, economy jobs, as well as climate change prevention and adaptation to peak oil. My response was to retweet a few of his twitter posts, and suggest that The project the country’s government should work on would be a smart energy grid, like Al Gore talked about. The tweets, and the article response, are after the break: The relevant article for President Obama’s speech via the Independent is: The relevant link for how we should battle climate change in the USA is to build an energy grid, infrastructure that lets people know to monitor and regulate their own energy use,  and REALLY GOOD IDEAS, which you should talk about in the context of Al Gore and his battle on Climate change before everything fell apart at Copenhagen, and the production economy with it. A new energy grid would provide over ten thousand jobs, and lets people also adapt mechanisms to generate from their own sources, (duh).

D. Pretty much everyone who needs to in government has seen my letter and blog about the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve responded that they will be “easing off” of their MASSIVE PRINTING OF MONEY, which hurts the interest rates and makes everything more expensive. This is not even good enough, but they are in the right direction. Let’s make a concerted effort for our future and REDUCE THE MONEY SUPPLY, making everything cheaper for the 99%. The meme that I generated yesterday from San Francisco is, “Everything 30% off, Occupy the Fed Reserve.” Hella!!!! Marches coming up soon.  New York’s Fed Reserve bank president is already for it: My blog of research and links is at and the best letter to forward to government and especially bank officials, if you believe in that type of thing, is the google document entitled “Federal Reserve.”
So, congratulations, Government… I am asking for liberty and freedom to do my things regardless of whether [you guys/they] figure out this country, but I am willing and able to help this country figure itself out at the same time.!
These updates from a while ago:
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Hello! A new garden for peace and Earth harmony.

29 May

Northwest Berkeley permanent farm campus:
and press release at constantcontact

And, another one kicking off soon in San Francisco, which would be balancing the above as a Free farm.