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Follow-up post – twitter hit

1 Mar

Ed’s 4-month challenge.

Ed’s four-month challenge to humanity.

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What I said to Steve Saylor, who is actually our winning progressive candidate. Finally, someone who talks like we do and can build the RBE.
6 videos on a series so far there.!
The Free Party has a candidate?

Finally, what my inventions do is deploy for houses, what we do. Thank you

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Re-blog: Working With the Institutes :)

18 Oct

Hello, folks: I wrote this earlier this year originally at a blog called http://www.moneylesssociety.com.

Hi there! This is Ed Che writing travelling in Chicago currently, and the quest for worldwide freedom could easily be accomplished. Join us in advocating for an Institute system, and contacting currently existing institutes, which unexpectedly and serendipitously match many of the goals of the free world concept.

When we started on this journey that was Occupy Wall Street a few years ago, and the decentralized conversation evolved into being against capitalism, over the whole country of the US. Who would have actually thought: This is actually going to work. Anything, you can imagine or get today, even from a currently for-profit storefront, will soon be switched onto a new functioning system. The aspects of getting the “things” to the places where they need to be can be handled by a new concept that feeds whatever the local area priorities are, called the Institute.

Coming with this innovative distribution system, comes more or less simultaneously in, are the universal inventions which facilitate the free where you are. A simple heater. An engine which uses pure water, in overunity retrofit. A method of cooking that is as flexible as your aspirations to design it, as well as being presently commercially available. Electric, wifi, hot water, fresh drinking water, and transition no-rent housing; which if other things become a community priority then this will make no sense to one, too.

Welcome to a future where everything is free. Things could be supplied to the places where they need to be by an order system, and are picked up, in transition by anyone who is a part. One of my favorite concepts so far is the Sears, Roebuck institute, which would use a resource based economy in order to make available the abundance to anyone who ordered. Since these things are community priorities, someone would do them, even if no one had to. There is a way to gather the resources (mined by robots with a built-in ecological awareness), and we work for each other, in a new bio-regional area, but still okay if mostly for yourself and your family.

What would a free city be like? Imagine to go downtown and get a meal (diner style or all-you-can-eat in the morning). The building draws you in to multiple rooms which are designed to include people in the processes of making things, and you find something that interests you. You can get involved in the making of software, art, culture, music, or anything you feel. As you go, you get to know folks who are also there and this becomes a home away from home. You live there even, and put together the pieces or recordings of what’s going on. There is no job for someone, there is no money, and others will be doing other things you care about for you, so you can pursue a mastery and not worry about if there will be things for you after. To change masteries one can, and the new training and tools will be provided.

Would there be those who would try to slack or self-ish the system? Of course! However, these people are part of our human family, and deserve food and a place to stay, as well. While the only necessary rule is, “don’t aggro the admin,” there would be some amongst us (more reptilian, let’s be honest), who would be limiters ingeniously appropriate based on what the object is. There would also be the presenters, people who are adept at displaying objects which were ordered and delivered from different institutes. They do this because they are genuinely interested in making sure that others have what they like. (more, Plieadian.) Finally, home-based people with cars who are interested in baking for example could gather bulk parts wholesale from the institutes directly, leaving their advanced cooking preparation to be a drive around to different places. The folks could make suggestions on the internet, which would hold a different weight based on whether they were willing to do anything to help make it happen. This suggestion to provide a certain object would be taken into account by the open community, and hackers and makers would try to make this person’s demand from the bulk of available resources/materials institutes available. If it could not be met and is a popular enough demand, then systems and institutes form to meet that with next year’s abundance.

Transitionary systems can be designed by present forward-thinking and supportive for-profits by a “cash out” model – design to sell something once so that it afterwards is free, maintained with minimal staff and money, and provide regular free upgrades in the future. If you did this, probably everyone would do it, and your present-day employees get the benefits to being an early adopter. Furthermore, the institute model thus detailed allows for American sense of prestige, reward for boomers who worked hard, allowing current bank accounts to be transformed into a more glamorous freedom: it will be easy for the current wealthy to get free, others will have to work at it. Boomers would then be able to retire and not worry about expensive plans, applying for stuff, or a world and life of extreme scarcity. The current 1% (who, keep in mind, may have thrived on cheating, dog-eat-dog, oil, and destruction of traditional societies) should invest in things with no return, granting a future of plenty and peace and stop further environmental destruction, even of other planets.

With such a model in full functioning, there would be no reason for other constructions. Corporations, there would not be room for them as the green paper formerly the highest concern of all beings becomes silly. Housing would be built with a clear motive: freedom. Everyone would do what they love, and with clear reasoning. New things are hacked and come out every day, and fame of inventors would spread quickly.

So this is a call to join in imagining, drawing, and advocating for such an advanced system, and celebrate. As someone who is reading this post, an institute for a manageable thing could be in your future. Nearly everyone in humanity would be happy for and support such a system. We are near breaking the chains that have enslaved nearly every other thinker. It’s amazing, crazy, and beautiful, but yet it could work. What do you think?

Please follow my blog and twitter for more real-time updates as we try to implement this system in Detroit; https://eddiemill.wordpress.com/ and http://twitter.com/eddiemill, or email me at ed.che@riseup.net. Ed currently operates at the Base Institute in Detroit and so would appreciate the creative commons: NC;SA be respected with future Institutes.