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The bombs bursting in Air

4 Jul

I just drove home through the country of New Russia Township, greeted by wonderful explosions of light and color. The giant flowering trees of cherry, apple, pomegranate, blueberry.. This, is my Fourth of July Post.

Seeing America all go out for the fireworks is a reminder that our country is still working– the trucks are still moving, the families are still having dinner conversations, the cars still droll to work each morning. The backyard barbecue is something that’s so American, to see them happening means that life for many still goes on.

If and when the higher oil prices come, many will find that they still have this life, and they still have what matters (especially if you haven’t divorced your spouse..) AND furthermore, that the adaptations they make for the recession will be mostly a welcome change. It’s not the money that matters — just basic expenses — and if we can provide food then we remain a proud, independent nation. Let’s show the world that we can do more than consume oil and bully internationally; if/when the time comes, let’s be followers for a while. Proudly.

America is a great country. It’s the rural folks and the non-rural folks, the countryside and city gardens and parks, the trees land and air that make is so. We have abundant resources to make use of once we grow in ideas that do not require fossil resources. Despite what will happen to some farmers, our food system will be okay.

Politically, I have a great hope that Barack Obama’s last year in office will be a good one. There are many ideas on this very blog that can make it so if he listens. I would happily advise the president on Economic and Environmental Policy.. in fact it is what I got a degree on. If you’re any closer to the White House than I am as a blogger and small farmer, pass it on!

I am happy to be in America, with or without money, and hoping to stay here for a while. Happy fourth of July, for it’s a good year to be in the USA.
-EM “Che” Fernando Miller


Economic Recessions

22 Dec

Economic Recessions Post 12/22/09
With the failure of Copenhagen (my MAPSBLOG post), it’s time to start thinking about serious depression, causes and strategies for when it gets worse. Click on, if you want. This may be my last post of this certain style as I’m considering changing the blog to be more real-time deadline appropriate. Hopefully a well-researched and justified account of the times we are living in as Americans right now, click:
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Happiness theory

15 Aug

A philosophy of happiness. My dad´s response to my left me thinking hard about said happy and what that means. If we search for happiness like we do money, that is very significant. It seems it isn´t guaranteed by financial or material well-being, but your life situation has a big part to deal with it. If you say it´s entirely an inner state the discussion enters the field of self-help and spirituality. I´ve found a lot of truth in improving both areas, but it´s a lot to keep track of! Do you approach life with defined goals and morals, or just slow down and let life’s balance catch you? Over the summer I have been developing this philosophy. Thank you for reading and your comments. Please share url: https://eddiemill.wordpress.com/2009/08/13/happiness-theory/

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The community reality

11 Jun

It is a great time to be alive and thinking about things (observing changes). Now is really a tipping point for technology, community-led social change, and world progress in an economic sense. In this post I explain some of the projects I have found myself in here, and how they fit into a bigger picture. You know Agua Buena from my last post and [this link], now here is the present situation.

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12 Nov

I offer you this challenge:
Whenever you can, go into the wild. Commune with nature, whether it is for a few hours, a day, or a week.
Breathe deeply. Listen intently. Let the wildness infuse you. Renew you. Sustain you. Go by yourself.
Take some friends. Share your stories with them around a campfire, under the starry sky. Listen intently
to their stories. Be open. Understanding will come. Strength will grow. Energy will multiply.

Whenever you can, go forth and interact with people. Spread joy. Greet strangers
you pass on the street. Smile often. Listen deeply when people speak. Start random
conversations. Or join ones already in progress. Meet new people. Those people
that you love, tell them. Give praise for a job well done. Thank people for being who
they are. Offer sincere compliments to those people that you have difficulty with.
Help people whenever possible. Be open. Treat people with loving kindness. Love
and joy will grow. Your world will get bigger and yet infinitely more intimate. The
impossible will become possible.

Is this a recipe for balance? No, it is a hint of possibilities.
It is glimpse of something beautiful. It is a piece of the puzzle; it is up to you to
finish putting it together as you see it. I hope this has given you a framework from
which to begin sourcing your flame, your greenfire, and keeping it alive.

SEAC Organizing Guide — Page 98

The full guide: Courtesy of SEAC open distribution