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Landlord’s Change of Heart

10 Mar

Note: possibility-based, y’all. So if you sail in that realm of possibility and want us to lead you out to a free world, then join us. 🙂

Along being front-lines with the Occupy experience, along with the crimes of wall street, has taught me the rhythm and ways of one of the worst crimes ever convicted upon humanity, that of real estate. Property ownership is a bad piece of financial alchemy, which created a double value of the land when settlers (colonizers) got here. Not only do you have the forested tierra that was there, which gives its value to you of open arms, but also the title deed to the area, which is property tradable – a double value. This title deed was fraudulent – stolen by a process of “discovery” set forth by the Papal bull, here: http://risetogether.weebly.com/blog/the-vatican-hold-title-to-your-land and in Johnson v. McIntosh:

Papal Bull native americans

I have been reading and it appears that land was stolen from people who had no concept of ownership. ./”The legalities of colonization appeared settled. Patent and possession sufficed, acquiring title to land by purchase from the Indians was not necessary”./


What happened was that private property became us, it allows you to build on and to improve. We have divided up nearly all of the country, and Capitalism’s raging bulls*** wall street death machine cannibalized our whole nation, continent before that alchemy. It would other planets, too.. and what we’re finding now is that folks from at least two generations are not attracted to that money, just the things that it gets them, if anything. We need to amend that shallow greed attached with ownership in order to progress. The approach and movement caters to houses and free apartments/condos. This can be living of the future, won’t you be a part?

How to engage, a large (the largest body of humanity ever in an online movement) portion of cities, urban and rural, into a new free system?

How about rent-to-own? huge: http://money.usnews.com/money/personal-finance/articles/2014/01/22/is-rent-to-own-or-contract-for-deed-right-for-you

and a form example

Let’s treat you as a human, getting beyond the addiction: A large movement has formed to give everyone the basics and soon advanced stuff as we gain larger cities. The providing of everything free benefits you the owner, too, though not as payment, as a human. Be like Mark Hesse, 52, who gave a building to Occupy Detroit:

“I don’t see any politicians doing what these kids are doing,” Hesse said. “They are sincere people who are frustrated. I wanted to help them.”

And so Hesse let Occupy Detroit use the building he owns on Michigan Avenue. This year, they cleaned up the place and turned it into a brightly colored and inviting space. (article)

Be a part, eg, source person is okay no rent. We are the 99%. From a way that was hazardous to our personal health, psychology, communities, and Earth, many are now choosing a way that is opposed to Capitalism; to motivate differently; many of us understand the why, so this site is to mark the quest from now such that anyone can get their utilities and basics made, and with a very simple tool and materials set.

Abolish the institution of rent. And/or get enough for your concerned self with a rent-to-own lease contract. (For apartments, how about 600/month -> 2500 own, with option to put it back in the pool any time.) Let’s do this together. Landlords’ Change of Heart.


Ed “Ché” Miller


Wrote a Post at Moneyless Society:

24 Sep

I guest-submitted this article. Now you know where to reference if someone pulls a communism or socialism on you! Love, Ed Che.


100 free means of exchange : INTERFACE

9 Sep

Community Mechanism
Something to do
Free Box
Free Store
Live Free
Community Services
Free City
Free Detroit
Alternative System Detroit
Cig: “square”
“twist one up for ya”
Ubuntu Detroit
Pantry/Food Bank
Bridge points (aka Food stamps, or EBT – has digits, government..)
Common Fridge
Food Not Bombs
FOS Software
Barn raise
Crop mob
Engage an army
Good timing
No hate
No bank
Community Kitchen
Free Meal
Churches provide
Intentional Community
New Food Solutions
No money
Anarchy ?
Choice Pantry
Late night restaurant closing
Home production
Steal ?
“Don’t ask too many questions”
Free community store
This fridge (http://www.neatorama.com/2014/05/09/Anonymous-Man-Installs-Charity-Refrigerator-Outside-His-Home/)
New work flow model
Enough of stuff, eg, stop
“Hungry, go here, eat” Community meal
Ubuntu grow 4x your needs
Seed library
Gift exchange
This: http://pastebin.com/ywLNWdNZ
Food pantry
“Bring it back” ant soldier

Because these are all just the modern day ones! Note: I find after making/reading this that my interactions with my neighbors who have also seen the ubuntuusa about-us page are not in a box, they just flow better. 🙂

Ed Che

PS: For alternative jobs when we are all replaced by robots and free, see https://github.com/EM-Che/Appropriate-building-technology/blob/master/Alternative%20Vocation

The hood’s like: what does this guy mean by being free?

30 Apr

The same things I have had from the start/finish of time on native land to now, and haven’t really added anything:

– Sleeping bag, light and warm. Added another sleeping bag that’s warmer for Ohio.

– Rocket stove that is, made out of cans (DIY free, and gives freedom).

– Laptop, lasts a lot longer since I put on linux.

– A lighter. Working on making fire, there is a way with a root if you look it up.

– Community meal once a day they have it, I probably go to about half. Food pantry giveaway here once a month. Hadn’t been to the other one in over 2. Otherwise, I’ll grow everything seasonal, what I eat.

– A big bag of tobacco, was gifted to me by the elder, but I lost it; since then I refill when someone has a big bag, so it works fine.

-The bag of Maté that my native friend in LA gave me. Stays around forever… plus you can keep using water.

– A plastic ziploc bag of coffee, ground up. There’s another hack where you get a big sack of green coffee beans, and use an air-popcorn popper to pop them. Some varieties grow in low altitudes, although there is not much case study so far of people in North America being able to grow their own coffee. I did order a green/black tea bush as a potential substitute.

– Coat (I’ve been wearing long black), another jacket that goes inside for moderate, rainy weather, or as another layer.

– A cell phone that’s provided from one of these sites on

– There are many places that are free to be in, like the public libraries, hackerspaces, parks, outside anywhere, college library, friends houses 🙂 and there should be more, internet access, food forests, ways to build houses without bank, occupy 🙂

– Some addictions you will have to find a substitute, eg hack, usually just once, find how to grow it, find an alternative, or also do without. 🙂

– Did add a camera to document, has been useful to show process.

Decolonization in process. Join us. Be a part of the legion army, against capitalism. June 4th, 2014 optout.

Here is an album on how to in freedom that’s called, Fodehood_freedom:

Absolutely incredible post: #github

17 Apr

How fucking cool is this????

Absolutely incredible post: #github

If you like it, follow me! Press “edit” on any one of the documents to propose which submits a “pull request” and also puts a copy to yours. If you don’t like it, don’t!

This is how democracy and progress could be made in a noncapitalist future, too . 😉

Hi there folks!

13 May

Been hot, been good and sunny so I wanted to put this up for yous so that you can know some of what to shoot to resonate with and you can see the original post reference at the other blog, http://artandmaterial.wordpress.com/

Fire | Energy!!

These are good ways to defeat the old systems of control at higher energy levels.