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Group-led versus revolutionary change.

8 Nov

This post is terribly overdue. Following up on my series of articles about change and how to interact it, I’m here highlighting a theoretical conflict that goes back to the cold war (which, unfortunately, defined a LOT of how people who are older than 35 see the world). I point out that the conflict doesn’t really need to exist any more, and rather everyone doing their own part is okay.

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350 as an Inspiration

24 Oct

There’s so much going on, thanks to everyone who is working on this movement right now.
Keep the good times coming this October 24th, International Day of Climate Action.

Perhaps you’ve seen the news coming up in your feed, but find some Boston action here:
350.org/ is Beautiful today. An inspiration, truly.
Here’s the list of events going on in Boston: http://www.350.org/action-list?country=us&city=boston

There’s a new world order, and it works around the number 350. More than just a number, it’s the amount of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere that we need to achieve by the end of the century. It’s a challenging call to action, seeing as we’re already at 387. We need to stop emitting CO2, and start taking it out of the air in our farms and cities. Clean electricity is a solution, as is reducing the amount each of us use. Hopefully, all of us working on this will be enough to make a difference.

I feel today is an inspirational tipping point in a lot of ways. To the people who are working on the ground, ready to put themselves on the line; to the politicians who are talking about how much we need new legislation; to the economists and scientists who know it’s necessary; Thanks. To the reader thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing. Keep posted for more from around Boston!
-Eddie Miller
Boston University ’10