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Hi Mr. President!

14 Sep

Economics/Environmental Policy/ International Relations graduate here. Your ideas guy “I’m your left-hand man”!

I wanted to share with you a post that’s been REAL popular with the true remaining environment movement. It’s entitled, “Environment: Ten Things Obama Must Do”. How the president can help heal the environment without waiting for Congress on any one of them!

The article, originally published on Rolling Stone, has been liked and forwarded and tweeted many times, with long discussion comments and RTs. The link is at http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/environment-ten-things-obama-must-do-20110914

-Eddie Miller, “A Global Organic Mindset”
BU ’10


Liberal and Conservative Values

26 Apr

It’s so funny that Conservatives and liberals have different values that they express in Congress vs. what they would do at home..
A conservative, would discipline his kids in order to be a good parent and teach them what they should and shouldn’t do. At the same time, many Conservatives in Congress will not regulate companies no matter how out of line they get, and be a good parent for their own good.
A liberal, would trust that his kids will develop to be the best that they themselves can be and make their own right decisions, even if it’s not in line with the parent’s own values. This does not comply with a standard of regulation.

A point of agreement: More importantly than the decision to regulate or not regulate is whether a company or person has the capacity to look out for future generations in the bigger-picture impact of what they DO. Let’s get past this discussion on whether to regulate or not regulate, and encourage solutions that work to get our society and our economy off of oil, and preserve our planet for future generations. In a micro scale, it is part of everyone’s “work” right now (hate that term) to care for the well-being of future generations as well (even if your company doesn’t have to).


Going to be maintaining my WordPress blog today and publishing some drafts that I’m writing and finishing up. -EM

Visions of a New Moral

10 Oct

The inspiration for this post is as a response to the general feeling of social malaise that a lot of people see in America right now. Not the recession per se, but it’s the changing of a larger cultural pattern. I’m arguing that there’s been a new moral, social and intellectual code forming that governs America, and that the solution is filled by new sustainability. Living things, resurgent connection, the environmental and financial sustainability movement. Feel me? I’ve been writing about this theory for a while, let’s see if it comes out coherent. The story is that influences of the age of tyranny and mass murder, are changing how people feel, which is accelerated and driven by the forces of technology.
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