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Re-blog: Working With the Institutes :)

18 Oct

Hello, folks: I wrote this earlier this year originally at a blog called http://www.moneylesssociety.com.

Hi there! This is Ed Che writing travelling in Chicago currently, and the quest for worldwide freedom could easily be accomplished. Join us in advocating for an Institute system, and contacting currently existing institutes, which unexpectedly and serendipitously match many of the goals of the free world concept.

When we started on this journey that was Occupy Wall Street a few years ago, and the decentralized conversation evolved into being against capitalism, over the whole country of the US. Who would have actually thought: This is actually going to work. Anything, you can imagine or get today, even from a currently for-profit storefront, will soon be switched onto a new functioning system. The aspects of getting the “things” to the places where they need to be can be handled by a new concept that feeds whatever the local area priorities are, called the Institute.

Coming with this innovative distribution system, comes more or less simultaneously in, are the universal inventions which facilitate the free where you are. A simple heater. An engine which uses pure water, in overunity retrofit. A method of cooking that is as flexible as your aspirations to design it, as well as being presently commercially available. Electric, wifi, hot water, fresh drinking water, and transition no-rent housing; which if other things become a community priority then this will make no sense to one, too.

Welcome to a future where everything is free. Things could be supplied to the places where they need to be by an order system, and are picked up, in transition by anyone who is a part. One of my favorite concepts so far is the Sears, Roebuck institute, which would use a resource based economy in order to make available the abundance to anyone who ordered. Since these things are community priorities, someone would do them, even if no one had to. There is a way to gather the resources (mined by robots with a built-in ecological awareness), and we work for each other, in a new bio-regional area, but still okay if mostly for yourself and your family.

What would a free city be like? Imagine to go downtown and get a meal (diner style or all-you-can-eat in the morning). The building draws you in to multiple rooms which are designed to include people in the processes of making things, and you find something that interests you. You can get involved in the making of software, art, culture, music, or anything you feel. As you go, you get to know folks who are also there and this becomes a home away from home. You live there even, and put together the pieces or recordings of what’s going on. There is no job for someone, there is no money, and others will be doing other things you care about for you, so you can pursue a mastery and not worry about if there will be things for you after. To change masteries one can, and the new training and tools will be provided.

Would there be those who would try to slack or self-ish the system? Of course! However, these people are part of our human family, and deserve food and a place to stay, as well. While the only necessary rule is, “don’t aggro the admin,” there would be some amongst us (more reptilian, let’s be honest), who would be limiters ingeniously appropriate based on what the object is. There would also be the presenters, people who are adept at displaying objects which were ordered and delivered from different institutes. They do this because they are genuinely interested in making sure that others have what they like. (more, Plieadian.) Finally, home-based people with cars who are interested in baking for example could gather bulk parts wholesale from the institutes directly, leaving their advanced cooking preparation to be a drive around to different places. The folks could make suggestions on the internet, which would hold a different weight based on whether they were willing to do anything to help make it happen. This suggestion to provide a certain object would be taken into account by the open community, and hackers and makers would try to make this person’s demand from the bulk of available resources/materials institutes available. If it could not be met and is a popular enough demand, then systems and institutes form to meet that with next year’s abundance.

Transitionary systems can be designed by present forward-thinking and supportive for-profits by a “cash out” model – design to sell something once so that it afterwards is free, maintained with minimal staff and money, and provide regular free upgrades in the future. If you did this, probably everyone would do it, and your present-day employees get the benefits to being an early adopter. Furthermore, the institute model thus detailed allows for American sense of prestige, reward for boomers who worked hard, allowing current bank accounts to be transformed into a more glamorous freedom: it will be easy for the current wealthy to get free, others will have to work at it. Boomers would then be able to retire and not worry about expensive plans, applying for stuff, or a world and life of extreme scarcity. The current 1% (who, keep in mind, may have thrived on cheating, dog-eat-dog, oil, and destruction of traditional societies) should invest in things with no return, granting a future of plenty and peace and stop further environmental destruction, even of other planets.

With such a model in full functioning, there would be no reason for other constructions. Corporations, there would not be room for them as the green paper formerly the highest concern of all beings becomes silly. Housing would be built with a clear motive: freedom. Everyone would do what they love, and with clear reasoning. New things are hacked and come out every day, and fame of inventors would spread quickly.

So this is a call to join in imagining, drawing, and advocating for such an advanced system, and celebrate. As someone who is reading this post, an institute for a manageable thing could be in your future. Nearly everyone in humanity would be happy for and support such a system. We are near breaking the chains that have enslaved nearly every other thinker. It’s amazing, crazy, and beautiful, but yet it could work. What do you think?

Please follow my blog and twitter for more real-time updates as we try to implement this system in Detroit; https://eddiemill.wordpress.com/ and http://twitter.com/eddiemill, or email me at ed.che@riseup.net. Ed currently operates at the Base Institute in Detroit and so would appreciate the creative commons: NC;SA be respected with future Institutes.



New York Needs Another Skyscraper – on Rent To Own

16 Oct

Why New York needs more tall buildings: On Rent-To-Own in Cities and A noncapitalist skyscraper

Okay so how many people you got in one of these cities like tons. And, how can it be that coming up, $800 dollars a week is going to be sustainable? That’s on top of the minor things it takes to live, which impoverishes the people. So, with no one having much extra except for that café and the bodega, we’re near close to free right? Anyways, different conversation. This one is called Why New York needs more tall buildings, and you’ll see why in a moment this is a plan for a non-capitalist skyscraper. Other buildings could be retrofit, too. The concept is called rent-to-own, and that’s something I think would appeal to many city folk.

What are the advantages to an apartment in the first place? If you’ve lived in one you know them: a space that you can call your own, not all the hassle of a house, has the “things” that define modern life: a tv, internet probably, some electricity, kitchen appliances, running water built in, okay. How is this particular building of apartments built? Now, here is the first ready-set-go assumption: that these utilities can be provided in a de-centralized way and in their own abundance without a money-per-month type arrangement. The building is built with these things, which other than any natural limits, which solves our sustainability crisis right there. Alright. Now that the building is built, windows sealed, that central HHO, forced-air heater hooked up to your thermostats, light and power all connected, we are ready for some tenants and ready to pay back the building.

Rent-to-own premise part 1. Imagine you are a young couple moving to the City, ready to make a go of it, or you are a single traveller who’s ready for what that City is. You find apartments on a competitive rate find basis, but you don’t really want to be saddled with that. What would be better is to have your space that no one’s going to come kick you out of, establish yourself and hit the ground running, but really you’d like to own. Every month some dude coming to your door is not classy, and lurking like a predatory investor really. After you owned, he’d be your friend and know you. You require less orienting and turnover rate, and you know how to be in the City. However, you cannot be like “oh, my friend is going to take over,” no: original application ownership cannot change. If for any reason you want to leave that place (apartment dwellers prefer apt for their flexibility too), you do so with no penalty and the apartment goes back into the pool: you keep your mobility and are not tied.. you don’t have to deal with selling like you would a house.

Cause Ownership is the dream of every New Yorker. Additionally, many in our generation feel this sense of loss that things that used to be so symbolic of our country are a false profit-ic shell of capitalism, the police and judicial system, and a new world order charade that continues to make sure the rich get richer while the poor run on the survival pressure rat-race. If we (including many of the intelligentsia/politicians) know how not to be, that we don’t want capitalism communism or socialism, if the opportunity comes up we might just take it. This plan sets up a way to transition our occupy housing to accomodate, in a way which pays for itself, and paves the way for information and culture- sector researchers and institute workers of whatever type the future holds in store for us. We can meet those dreams and requests in a way that doesn’t constantly kill ourselves doing it either. I hope that this is clear: a plan which houses folks luxuriously and pays for itself? Who will fund me, let’s take this on.

In fact, such a plan does not even have to be funded and taken on by me, the subconscious search for rent-to-own in cities like Chicago and New York will do it on it’s own. Perhaps 2015 may not completely change every landlord’s heart, but to tend away from, that, can eventually change or eliminate what can be a really harmful way of being. We in turn populate more our cities with folks who can be competent there, giving them an adequate sampling, everyone has their turn, keeping minds open for transition, and 8 months later you are, a lot freer. I hope this plan gains traction and substance as folks talk it. Namasté, Ed Che. A Global Organic Mindset written Wednesday, September 23. Published Oct. 13th, 2015.

Dear Collective Consciousness

10 May

Is it okay that we take a step of our evolution?

Even if there’s like, two-three cars on the flatbed instead of 16 (Ubuntu is four), and it smells a little like weed smoke?
A step whereby a 99% of people can easily participate and we come up with the mechanisms, incentives and the rest (through source).
Provide the things for most people, for each other.
if it’s government, adds tedium and waiting like, the DMV. Furthermore, color codes.

Furthermore, government adds a critique based on socialism, which is state ownership, or communism, which is central allocations.
I am basically saying that we have everyting to gain, including getting out of a life that causes a global devastation when adopted by third-world countries,

I would rather get this out in the open before going in, and give the chance for anyone to say their piece than go in with subconscious enemies.
Earth amplified! No enemies!
Me and my girlfriend, she’s really good and there is more heart-felt and side-questing emotions for us to go through yet.
I hope you’re rooting for her. and my dreams too. let’s make a better system.

If there is a revolution vs. thunder game, that would work and be very interesting.
Evil is, shall we say, less organized. Our evil = wants the crash. Their evil = wants order. Revolution vs. the Thunder.

If folks want to adopt a lifestyle and vocabulary, that is front edge. We have a fast-paced front edge because of the internet.
There’s some folks, my friend in the bay calls them vampires, I call them reptiles, that shall we say will not be the first to adopt.

For the rest of us, lovingly called “the 99%” but which has gotten us in some trouble with old symbols in the past,
Would you take the evolution of earth which would need only a few of the people to provide 80% of the stuff who are voluntary and humanitarian workers,
and offer what you do, know how to do, or want anywhere pretty much you want?
Since it’s in real time, I recommend Cindy Kay Currier, as much as she looks like a white yuppy, she a little bit is… you secretly wanted her. Search/Ubuntu Transition.

So, if there was a choice like this to take in the evolution, and you are already reading this….
being a leader as a nation like the eagles we are, and going through the motions of, basically water through the engine.
Sorry for the mistaken power attempts – it was for your magic prowess.
This idea and eventuality is powerful enough on it’s own right.
If there are any feedbacks or concerns, please, leave them in comments. Stay tuned! Ed C.

It’s time to build a new system

6 Jan

At this time, it’s time to leverage a more loving humanity and really start bending and subverting rules to do things for the other people. This means a more loving humanity in which money is not a factor.

You may have heard by now about “the inventions,” as I’m designing them in real time in Chicago. Chicago is providing me with a bit more capacity to finish the parts together that will apply for a lot of houses. We are on the verge of inventing free heat, electricity, wifi, and distribution systems for a new way to run cities off of. This will ideally give a way to live a lifestyle which is not scarcity or different much from what you know.

The institutes supply the storefronts. If it’s something that is important to folks in the area, it will be staffed and made and done for the others. If it’s over-developed, not important stuff, then it will fall out and the space can be used for recreation. There will be some things to get used to, like, having a lot more free time. Many things do not require work, and institutes offer an intriguing and loving way to re-design custom things for other people.

The only control that exists, in this free system, and transition system also realistically- remember that-, is, “don’t aggro the admin.” <3. There may be that admin there for logistic reasons, or few employees that are also voluntary, and don't fight them… just don't clash. If ya got power, then that's great. We can be hard, just because we cannot deal with flakes at a time when our success is necessary.

As we go forward, we will have to find more loving and voluntary ways to do things for each other. Many of these sites already exist. Try trashnothing.com, freecycle.org which has local groups all over the country, craigslist free, or another site is moneylesssociety.com, which offers a classifieds page for both real and imaginary volunteer job postings, visioning, ideas, and other things. My favorite social network so far that is all free movement is http://freeworlder.org/, which brings together a group of folks from all over the world.

Games? yes. Music? will happen in mass. Collaborative development off the side of that moneyless society page, happens. Linux works and is a good model; wikipedia also probably one of the most successful so far. We can collectively manifest a space ship if we get to a point where we aren't thinking about money.

I hope that the whole world can go to this. How large is our movement? This and the other posts deserve many more hits and I know it makes the impact, it will get there.

Institutes model is good. Check out more on an upcoming post.

If this is a good idea, then….

3 Dec

Then there will have to be some new concepts introduced to humanity.

Do: read my last blog post, has a really good presentation.

We are to be a part of the making of everything free: this has become apparent through interactions and the nightmare system we have now. Indeed, even visitors from Chicago had said that we’re not talking about being in this crummy system for long. If many would favor a switch, to one whereby needs are met, and it works? That is what I am sensing at this critical turning point.

In the rebellion. That is, we don’t really want that system. Generations 20-38 don’t really want to be reduced to some kind of money-based work slavery which serves only the shallow interactions of over the counter. A self-serving system leads to only the privileged having access to many or certain things. Why not make things for that individual? We work for each other. Welcome to the revolution.

If any are uncertain, the neutral body mass of the United States waiting for more evidence, I agree. In the experience of visionaries, we would publish at 75% baked, whereby the foundation (of capitalism is debased) is set and a few pillars. The guiding way, mainly involves being yourself, and some parameters and things that we all know by now. This foundation is accurately portrayed on my blog, two blog posts ago. The remaining %-age comes from participation of the civil and volunteer society of humanity. Link to twitter farmers, the emergence of these idea and drawings, unity of the people, new technology which frees houses, and “where you are” type thinking, and I posit that a large portion of people can exist in a new society whereby needs of all are met, and “things” are available just a call or distance away.

A society thus oriented towards the environment and ecological models rather than the destroy-all-growth-mandate of the past, will be much better for the planet that we live on. While this new human organism will take up space and more of it, the interaction with the forest for production is not destructive.
Get ready and, if you have a way or calling or new way to do things or free business model, bring them back to the hive, the long-appreciated anon-miss freedom nexus, in a new location.: http://github.com/em-che/freedom-nexus/wiki

See you there! I love and appreciate that someone will come and visit my blog even on an off-day. This is enough for now.

100 free means of exchange : INTERFACE

9 Sep

Community Mechanism
Something to do
Free Box
Free Store
Live Free
Community Services
Free City
Free Detroit
Alternative System Detroit
Cig: “square”
“twist one up for ya”
Ubuntu Detroit
Pantry/Food Bank
Bridge points (aka Food stamps, or EBT – has digits, government..)
Common Fridge
Food Not Bombs
FOS Software
Barn raise
Crop mob
Engage an army
Good timing
No hate
No bank
Community Kitchen
Free Meal
Churches provide
Intentional Community
New Food Solutions
No money
Anarchy ?
Choice Pantry
Late night restaurant closing
Home production
Steal ?
“Don’t ask too many questions”
Free community store
This fridge (http://www.neatorama.com/2014/05/09/Anonymous-Man-Installs-Charity-Refrigerator-Outside-His-Home/)
New work flow model
Enough of stuff, eg, stop
“Hungry, go here, eat” Community meal
Ubuntu grow 4x your needs
Seed library
Gift exchange
This: http://pastebin.com/ywLNWdNZ
Food pantry
“Bring it back” ant soldier

Because these are all just the modern day ones! Note: I find after making/reading this that my interactions with my neighbors who have also seen the ubuntuusa about-us page are not in a box, they just flow better. 🙂

Ed Che

PS: For alternative jobs when we are all replaced by robots and free, see https://github.com/EM-Che/Appropriate-building-technology/blob/master/Alternative%20Vocation