Landlord’s Change of Heart

10 Mar

Note: possibility-based, y’all. So if you sail in that realm of possibility and want us to lead you out to a free world, then join us. :)

Along being front-lines with the Occupy experience, along with the crimes of wall street, has taught me the rhythm and ways of one of the worst crimes ever convicted upon humanity, that of real estate. Property ownership is a bad piece of financial alchemy, which created a double value of the land when settlers (colonizers) got here. Not only do you have the forested tierra that was there, which gives its value to you of open arms, but also the title deed to the area, which is property tradable – a double value. This title deed was fraudulent – stolen by a process of “discovery” set forth by the Papal bull, here: and in Johnson v. McIntosh:

Papal Bull native americans

I have been reading and it appears that land was stolen from people who had no concept of ownership. ./”The legalities of colonization appeared settled. Patent and possession sufficed, acquiring title to land by purchase from the Indians was not necessary”./


What happened was that private property became us, it allows you to build on and to improve. We have divided up nearly all of the country, and Capitalism’s raging bulls*** wall street death machine cannibalized our whole nation, continent before that alchemy. It would other planets, too.. and what we’re finding now is that folks from at least two generations are not attracted to that money, just the things that it gets them, if anything. We need to amend that shallow greed attached with ownership in order to progress. The approach and movement caters to houses and free apartments/condos. This can be living of the future, won’t you be a part?

How to engage, a large (the largest body of humanity ever in an online movement) portion of cities, urban and rural, into a new free system?

How about rent-to-own? huge:

and a form example

Let’s treat you as a human, getting beyond the addiction: A large movement has formed to give everyone the basics and soon advanced stuff as we gain larger cities. The providing of everything free benefits you the owner, too, though not as payment, as a human. Be like Mark Hesse, 52, who gave a building to Occupy Detroit:

“I don’t see any politicians doing what these kids are doing,” Hesse said. “They are sincere people who are frustrated. I wanted to help them.”

And so Hesse let Occupy Detroit use the building he owns on Michigan Avenue. This year, they cleaned up the place and turned it into a brightly colored and inviting space. (article)

Be a part, eg, source person is okay no rent. We are the 99%. From a way that was hazardous to our personal health, psychology, communities, and Earth, many are now choosing a way that is opposed to Capitalism; to motivate differently; many of us understand the why, so this site is to mark the quest from now such that anyone can get their utilities and basics made, and with a very simple tool and materials set.

Abolish the institution of rent. And/or get enough for your concerned self with a rent-to-own lease contract. (For apartments, how about 600/month -> 2500 own, with option to put it back in the pool any time.) Let’s do this together. Landlords’ Change of Heart.


Ed “Ché” Miller

The Low-down on Housing

29 Jan

Couchsurfing is probably the coolest thing. What a great way to meet others and hang out, and probably enjoy your City in a new way, too. This is in every way the free and giving, loving systems that we need to practice, and perfectly matches the American morale and can be practised in present-day from where you are. Help end homelessness, and meet really cool travellers. Together, we are stronger. Host or surf at:

The condo model is still in, because it’s a rent-free living unit. This could be in your family, or owned with an extra bed from a long-time friend. They might need help around, be retiring soon and not be able to go to the pantry or places themselves, etc! Or, if you buy one once, then you have it. Bonus for any house is if it’s got the inventions built in, which are still in progress for the mainstream.

Mobile Home/Car Truck:
I have met very good people who live in a mobile home. In the South, they even have these ones that they call that but are really more like houses. Sometimes they move, and sometimes they “would” move, lol! It is a lot of staying-on-top-of keeping an area clean and free of entropy, and is probably some of the best experimenting with electrical and off-grid appliances too. Any smaller vehicle is easier to park and less obtrusive.. While being slightly less spacious does not necessarily mean less comfortable. Get something cool. Be free.

Stay with:
There’s always “stay with” folks or others, and if it’s others that’s totally cool and we should encourage that alternative lifestyle. If it’s with parents well, you did do that when you were growing up. In some countries (China actually being one) it is typical to come back after leaving, but I find it’s weird here, not quite the same. Maybe you will agree, or perhaps you appreciate your pet/large family/bike/car/room/whatever enough that it makes it possible.

Build a house:
Check out this movie, “First Earth” on Youtube. Also, there’s a great PDF somewhere called “The $50 and Up Underground House Book.” Open Source Ecology has full plans also for a community Compressed Earth Brick Press, made out of metal and basic hydraulic parts. Sweet. You still do a trench with gravel on Earthen houses. However you get to design your soul into it, a dream house. Guest house: This is probably the exception to the above. You could even build one on the same lot and be pretty free from a constant influence. If building one, try cob, retrofitting a garage/outbuilding, or any kind of tiny house construction. I have hear

Rent Free Apartments:
How it should be, right: If you go to a place like a City, and are looking for accommodations, then you are shown to somewhere that is high-rise and upcoming. No “Section 8,” no nonsense, no rent, not that someone is paying utilities but inventions are in there, one could even get a free education. :) This would be a great base for contributing to society in what you love and can do, and also giving the freedom of not being productive if you don’t want. Just: don’t be a flake, stranger. If we cared for the others, then it would all work. Buy: Is private property theft? Do you like dealing with banks? Home mortgages are available on your future. I mean, loans I mean, paying back forever I mean…. What alternatives exist? If we are creative in how we “divide up” this Earth, then there should be other ways than buy or rent.

Seems like drama to me, as in especially if it brings cops. There are better ways to do an urban situation in my experience, but if tents are your thing then more power to you, they look awesome and you sleep a little better in them. There are some situations where a tent can be kept up 24/7, like The Jungle tent village in Silicon Valley. There are many situations where they can be kept up overnight and taken down at crack-of-dawn in the morning.

Eco-village, Intentional Community etc:
Have not had experience with. So, echo what another person said that Eco-villages and intentional communities should be built wherever and whenever they can be. In other versions of this movement, this is as far as the free movement gets.

I would now bring a tarp and sleeping bag combination. This is the preferred/ recommended way. It can get super cold, it can snow, or rain; you can accomodate another person and/or a pet. All your things can go within the tarp. If you want, you can hang it up. Yah. It’s a transition. You may be travelling and have to have the area, you might miss a connection and be out. know about it.

Squat abandoned buildings
By the Papal Bull Act of 1455, property deeds are fraudulent. If the house or building is abandoned, it is your right to use it. Property tax is the rent. Wariness at first; because you have to introduce yourself to/appease the neighboring community. Ignore this at your peril; most any City I know will not actively follow up on squatters unless they get a call/calls. Keep in mind that a house is not a home: you may have to do some extensive work on the unit and figure out ways to do basic things, you may have to know things like plumbing if pipes and electrical if wires were cut/stripped, etc. Join an international movement however and this is, finding, or permission, or donated, is one of the best chances we have at getting immediate rent-free building or housing.


If you rent currently and can’t relocate, this is the conversation to have with your landlord. Get onto this and, have your little place. My thought for building one would be 600/month , 2500 to own. So you get adjusted and then you could leave at any time and it would go back into the pool. Let’s do this let’s get this going.

How Would This Work?

11 Jan

The Free World Institute CC: NC-BY-SA





Institute Final Infographic. CC:NC:BY:SA

Institute Final Infographic. CC:NC:BY:SA

Together, we eliminate concept of money in society. <3. Very beautiful.

Existing Institutes, ironically, may fit well: to help out in world free world transition/human revolution?

It’s time to build a new system

6 Jan

At this time, it’s time to leverage a more loving humanity and really start bending and subverting rules to do things for the other people. This means a more loving humanity in which money is not a factor.

You may have heard by now about “the inventions,” as I’m designing them in real time in Chicago. Chicago is providing me with a bit more capacity to finish the parts together that will apply for a lot of houses. We are on the verge of inventing free heat, electricity, wifi, and distribution systems for a new way to run cities off of. This will ideally give a way to live a lifestyle which is not scarcity or different much from what you know.

The institutes supply the storefronts. If it’s something that is important to folks in the area, it will be staffed and made and done for the others. If it’s over-developed, not important stuff, then it will fall out and the space can be used for recreation. There will be some things to get used to, like, having a lot more free time. Many things do not require work, and institutes offer an intriguing and loving way to re-design custom things for other people.

The only control that exists, in this free system, and transition system also realistically- remember that-, is, “don’t aggro the admin.” <3. There may be that admin there for logistic reasons, or few employees that are also voluntary, and don't fight them… just don't clash. If ya got power, then that's great. We can be hard, just because we cannot deal with flakes at a time when our success is necessary.

As we go forward, we will have to find more loving and voluntary ways to do things for each other. Many of these sites already exist. Try, which has local groups all over the country, craigslist free, or another site is, which offers a classifieds page for both real and imaginary volunteer job postings, visioning, ideas, and other things. My favorite social network so far that is all free movement is, which brings together a group of folks from all over the world.

Games? yes. Music? will happen in mass. Collaborative development off the side of that moneyless society page, happens. Linux works and is a good model; wikipedia also probably one of the most successful so far. We can collectively manifest a space ship if we get to a point where we aren't thinking about money.

I hope that the whole world can go to this. How large is our movement? This and the other posts deserve many more hits and I know it makes the impact, it will get there.

Institutes model is good. Check out more on an upcoming post.

Revolution: Siding With #BlackLivesMatter and Other Justice Cases to Know About

10 Dec

Revolution building. Streets, urban areas.

I too am upset that the country can not serve justice in this country by the system, those being SERVED time, like Local Detroit Advocate Rev. Pinkney, under-represented and of the people

On March 5th, 2012, a building was evicted. There were occupiers there. There were also tenants, co-owner JackieJo Lopez, a large anonymous flag, a BIKE Shop and events center, Basement Occupy Oakland bar, and a PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN. Oh yeah, really? Their lease was acknowledged after we left. Our fingers are pointed SOLIDLY at the government: police and the City who enabled them to deprive citizens of their occupied property. Our original allegations continue, meanwhile lawyers of the City try to deny the authenticity of our suit, smearing the two plus years of homelessness/streets living, trauma, medical visits, travel, etc?! We spent twenty six thousand “dollars” on a lawyer for a few weeks. Next time, they get paid if they win, idiots. Againstlawyers pastebin: Natural Law America: TIRED OF this nonsense! The reign of terror ends here.

This violation, of constitutional amendment number 14, where it says: “nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” leaves them open to a lawsuit under US Code 1983. This is what we were told to do. It was the right thing at the time. Our cause is WELL outlined at Our pain is our own and shared in solidarity by our Bay Area occupiers. Upon returning home, we ended up spending $26,000 for a few weeks of lawyers, some loser firm in San Francisco which didn’t even do well enough at their task to avoid future sanctions.

Now, if confronted by a police officer in that City, I will spit in his face. I no longer care for such a system that does nothing for the normal people. Another way is possible. I Hope that a riot of solidarity would stand with me if that is what we have to do. Bring it on.

I don’t deserve death for this. Not how well it’s done.

I will be there, if that is the calling. You know right now the revolution there is sending this email on in every way they can to message, revolution in a whisper.

Rather than that, I would build a free City. Upon the drive of the conversion of the United States to a free moneyless system, there will have to be a few examples of the working concept. Unfortunately, while our strive is to be free, in order to start these efforts or projects to reality will be a few examples all over the country. A people liberated, it Would be nice not to have to deal with money any more. This may include mainstream society. We are already ahead: an unprecedented social media movement and evolution in parallel to the #ferguson, #ericholden, and #blacklivesmatter running riot, various occupations, exposing the system: a rebellion against how we are supposed to see our lives, each other, and our work. Defeating capitalism is just a start; our nation acknowledges things like the matriarchy, the environment, freedom from control, and a lot of other things that are old hurts. It’s what’s going to make America the best nation on earth again: everything will be free.

As JackieJo recently messaged me in a surveilled phone about the Federal government, This is an open letter to Barack Obama, defendants, or influencers. We need a back phone call that grants us our farm or free apartments, or else we have to make our own demonstration and presence be known. #Knowaboutit, cha. It was us that got us here. Remember that, Oakland. There’s a changing of priorities that has to happen in this country, which is what to me Occupy is really about.. that is, the reconfigure.

Retweet, email, bash something: the matrix of our entrapment is socio-economic.

Follow back: , email:

If this is a good idea, then….

3 Dec

Then there will have to be some new concepts introduced to humanity.

Do: read my last blog post, has a really good presentation.

We are to be a part of the making of everything free: this has become apparent through interactions and the nightmare system we have now. Indeed, even visitors from Chicago had said that we’re not talking about being in this crummy system for long. If many would favor a switch, to one whereby needs are met, and it works? That is what I am sensing at this critical turning point.

In the rebellion. That is, we don’t really want that system. Generations 20-38 don’t really want to be reduced to some kind of money-based work slavery which serves only the shallow interactions of over the counter. A self-serving system leads to only the privileged having access to many or certain things. Why not make things for that individual? We work for each other. Welcome to the revolution.

If any are uncertain, the neutral body mass of the United States waiting for more evidence, I agree. In the experience of visionaries, we would publish at 75% baked, whereby the foundation (of capitalism is debased) is set and a few pillars. The guiding way, mainly involves being yourself, and some parameters and things that we all know by now. This foundation is accurately portrayed on my blog, two blog posts ago. The remaining %-age comes from participation of the civil and volunteer society of humanity. Link to twitter farmers, the emergence of these idea and drawings, unity of the people, new technology which frees houses, and “where you are” type thinking, and I posit that a large portion of people can exist in a new society whereby needs of all are met, and “things” are available just a call or distance away.

A society thus oriented towards the environment and ecological models rather than the destroy-all-growth-mandate of the past, will be much better for the planet that we live on. While this new human organism will take up space and more of it, the interaction with the forest for production is not destructive.
Get ready and, if you have a way or calling or new way to do things or free business model, bring them back to the hive, the long-appreciated anon-miss freedom nexus, in a new location.:

See you there! I love and appreciate that someone will come and visit my blog even on an off-day. This is enough for now.

Enough of stuff, free city: The Ecology of Things

30 Oct

Ecology of things – Enough of Stuff!

There are a lot of good drawings and ideas, mostly really cheap and found items, which comprise a, set of technology as it were that has the power to free homes. Supposedly there are more coming, too. The technology’s only half of it, there is a better interface that bring into a whole alternative, as well. Still working on the electricity, but these alternative systems that are the basics comprising a flourishing alternative lifestyle are heat, cooking with small sticks, electric and inverter (or 110V A.C. potentially from atmospheric?), gather eg, alternative work, cell phone free cell phone, meal eg. food, things like school supplies, electronics, audio, straw, toiletries eg whatever (see community supply mechanism). A community can provide these things as well as it’s mostly all in existence already; this is a transitionary post towards a place where I feel like we all know is going.

A house can be freed, as a cash-out or build-out of its responsibilities. Those with a newspaper or a publishing house, those with an NGO, a trade union, retirees, a university department with dozens of these heirs, can flood the bookstores, the airwaves, even cyberspace with their ideas. When activists from the trade unions, the antiwar movement, the organizations of the landless, the fighters against the threats posed by climate change and the rapid reduction of biodiversity sense the need for action, then continuing modern playground games will not do. When factories are closing all over, when minimum wage constitutes slavery conditions in the USA, when sweatshops are wearing out their young workforces in a few years for less than a dollar a day as we go more in debt, and we don’t WANT all that again? A cess pool of a legal system has made it nearly impossible to talk about the issue, tons of stupid money is spent on non-issue what could have been carried to a tribal council, natural law grand jury, or queen(?) to have a decision that isn’t even money based. When hospitals, schools, public transport, electricity and water supply are free, with work aspirational and voluntary?

Welcome to the participation of mass organizations of the working class, which have the potential to mobilize millions into decisive action against the system. At this point in time, an enormous, uncoordinated (or “decentralized bureaucracy,” if you believe in Anonymous) world-wide effort is underway to implement an unprecedented reset of the economic system. Economics is like the ecology of interaction, different from capitalism which is based on pursuit of profit, private property, and inequality of wealth. Actually incentivizing greed. Rather, what if everything you did as a voluntary service to the person you had in mind? All industry and manufacturing are supported in all possible ways to deliver the abundance of all things to all people. The institution of rent is abolished. Community would still form, and an inclusion amongst the groups which you already participate. Interface upgrade delivers things to where they need to be, be a driver and see the country, give food, or re-distribute it. Most “things” offer a diminishing enjoyment, so we could expect a matching about +.5 in the revaluation. Any existing bureaucracy who should happen to see this post should visit an upcoming post, guide to current government leaders. Which will be realistic as well. I am happy to do this as with all my work as it’s my capability and able-bodiedness.

Evolution Code:
A Robot – should be mining, clean :)

Design the farm,
Design the diner. Reduce seasonality perhaps with a greenhouse, as some won’t go for.

Free ecology? Incentivize with food.
Not against anyone, re-assuring and nice.
I feel like Paul, the letter writer to the different online nations. You know he walked for ages amongst people even as he was telling them they were doing it wrong.

Don’t be thinking against, or thinking wrong, help build and as we figure it out- with an emergence model of social change. Success models highly seeked, as we change our country with the eagle soaring well, and others as well. Let’s take the signs that are being given us, avoid an international catastrophe, and stop from destroying other planets, as well. Take a clue, learn from nature. You’ll know what you have to do and, yes, if you have money currently where to put it. As they go, this is a pretty good guide: Freedom vocabulary, and existing infrastructure can start it. Hope you guys enjoyed the post of ecology of things, we could use most people of ability preparing the ground.

Unity is the feasible thing that we can do right now. I hope that everyone will support (and share?) as our movement goes into this next technical phase, hope I’ve included everyone, that we basically get a great evolution that gets better as it goes onward! Be for the free movement, let’s change our ways. Paradigm shift.

Sincerely, Ed “Ché.” (Cuba, the one they won, right?)


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