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6 Nov

Unity Proposal:
Teams to begin RBE retrofitting in Cities.

Ed Che’s Unity Proposal:
The time has come, America, when our own so cleverly designed system has become a monstrosity more than many can bear. We have seen the errors of the past ways, and will not continue a blind and wreckless assault against mother Earth and everything that is good. We will not inherit an Earth of vampires and a cancerous growth-based mechanism to monoculture and profit. Together we have seen and experienced this, seen and experienced the effects of wrong incentives in human beings. In fact, we are already in debt and if we do not do something about the money system now, many of my generation and the generation above it that got screwed will be in a slavery to a money system we don’t even like. (See, “The Truth About the Illuminati,” post). Capitalism has lead to a distribution where less than 5% of the world’s population has more than 80% the world’s resources, and that is, well, the outcome of the capitalism experiment. Together we can transition the system, in a way that is good enough, and here’s how:

There is a set of inventions, that is a proprietary and fascinating “Base Institute Inventions” at my building that I have been working on. Together, these inventions provide anyone or place with water, electric, heat, and wireless internet, eliminating the need for these monthly bills (the ones everyone usually pays). For a long time I have been wondering about how to best implement these technologies towards a transition to our highest potential, which is a moneyless and abundant society and situation. Suffice it to say that this is the best that anyone could have done, and so we present:

– Decentralization of the Base Institute, whose purpose is to provide the inventions, so that any group in different communities around the country can start the retrofitting of their community. There is thus a call to the lower-middle class majority to support these, saving them that monthly expenses, as well as the wealthier minority of the population. We will not deal with landlords unless they agree to go to rent-to-own. Some minimal assembly required and can be run out of one room-sized area.

– For every three-four houses sold, a free unit is made: this can be used as the group chooses, to gift someone in OR, to gift a business in. This leads to….

– Businesses are encouraged to support these youth who have got these pieces together to retrofit them: not only is it better for climate change using the free inventions, you will have them installed by a new group of positive energy youth who get very good at it, and realize that savings. You are then asked to take an average of the utility bills you no longer have, and give that in store credit to the folks who have these new cards….

– Cards are given to those who are contributing to hustle the base inventions and expanding the network. With this comes decision making ability on the free units. Having a card gets you access to any of the free entitlements the group has earned: walk into the sto and get free stuff! Anything can be free’d! It’s up to the group which places to go to in this way with the free units (even current members), and how to distribute: if some small town somewhere has a burger king that’s central to where they hang at, for example, and it comes in the form of number used/denominator each month, week or whatever. I expect here they would do liquor stores, convenience stores, restaurants, and even a bar. For example, at the beginning of the week records would say 0/$45. If one person came in, they get some bleach, then the next person would see $4/45. For reference, the average home electric customer here pays 100 dollars a month. A business would realize more in savings. Furthermore, if the denominator is required to be increased, a unit can be gifted to a someone higher in their supply chain, their supplier’s employes, the farmer, or open-minded enlightened employee themselves.

– Anything can be free’d! And these are encouraged to support you (si’ C): it makes no difference to them (they would be paying bills anyways, so profit is the same), and they should be happy to support you especially if recieved the technology for free themselves. Also, I seen a store here (in Detroit) that has like 4 people checking out at one time and all these tens and twenties just stacking up on the counter he doesn’t even have time to put them in the register. That’s not right that someone should be sitting on that and Not do something like this. You talk about them and say that the general store downtown refused you? Well people will go to Wal-mart then, (or whatever, or even vice versa!).

– With enough businesses doing it, we started a revolution. A Resource Based Economy would be # units/total available per year divided by the period. Get it? If nearing the limit, an individual is encouraged to be courteous and leave for the next person.

Advantages of this over any other way, shows that we are working together in an unprecedented unity. It engages the 18-35+ year old bracket in something that they can do. For those who are homeowners of the lower-middle class, you’re not only saving all your monthly utilities with no commitment, you are also getting transition-ready: the group might come to them and ask to vote for them at an #NLRBE Transition mayor, for example, or volunteering (which they are more apt to do now too), and even quit their job. As what starts as perhaps one store and a few houses grows in that locality, the $10/week or whatever will not seem so scarce and if someone doesn’t go to a particular store, that surplus is available. By the time everyone gets done paying back the illuminati, we can have every business in Detroit retrofitted, and that’s a fact.:

Proposal compared to Existing

Proposal compared to Existing

Proposal compared to Existing

What we are doing here is, unlike any other thinker out there, not making the everything ourselves. By moving forward in unity, we can utilize the distribution networks that are already there: it’s inspiring to see Pepsi pulling out of Detroit at 7:00, and so nice to be knowing that that might be going to someone free. With the amount of believers we have to care for, we cannot do that, even if we could make the soda ourselves, and what each New Yorker gets to eat their allotment of Soy? This is a style that I was actually thinking of starting in NY, with the card as shown:

opt out card

opt out card

if you think about it, this works well in every way: including starting groups of present-day anti-capitalists in many different places. We are so legion you wouldn’t believe it, Thousands of Zeitgeist Movement supporters Thousands of Venus Project supporters Thousands of Occupy advocates… Thousands of Anarchists Thousands of Anons Thousands of Soveriegns Millions of Unemployed Thousand of moneyless society advocates Thousands of people in the hood looking for social change Thousands of people on Indian Reservations looking for social change Thousands of homeless and hungry looking for social change Thousands of people supporting the sustainability of our planet Thousands of people supporting environmental issues Thousands of people supporting animal rights issues Thousands of people supporting human rights issues

So many present-day workers are also dissatisfied with their condition. To this I say that you should be honored to be chosen as a small business meaning enough to the community that a group of these youth would come to you. With the mechanism as shown in the “Proposal versus existing,” one big advantage is that there is no problem represented by using robots: if your job gets mechanized eventually, that means you don’t have to do it anymore and are free to enjoy the rest of your life. You could then join a new democratic-in-every-way group depending on which in the City style and access you most preferred or is most nearby you which is spreading out, to your friends and neighbors. For the first time in history, yes, we are organizing as a collective that increases the survival of all members involved, and responsibly. The existing knowledge and workers is passed on via what I call these holy schools, about how we do. In addition, your punishment for thinking the wrong way is that you have to pay back the illuminati errors, which is also on this blog, and may do so in whichever way you want.

So again, a group could choose whichever businesses they wanted so long as they agreed on it, houses will be retrofitted to get ready for the change or have its members join the movement, and free access given to its members. Everyone is encouraged to participate: besides businesses, it puts you on the Map! And being an early adopter is very potentially a local news article.

In terms of super-scaling this proposal, it would be to the Resource Based Economy folks to figure out the accurate record-keeping of how a card would record off the total, and to follow up on repeated suspicious abuse of records for a reason. We will be using a list that the store owner records someone’s name and subtracts theirs from the other.

So this is my unity proposal, I hope you all like it. It has not been an easy task, nor one based on my ego: each page of my latest notebook is filled with some of the most powerful thinkers in my field. As such I can assure you that no one is yet proposed such, and from walking around that this is a good enough idea for your area (and a good idea for this city here of Detroit.)

Find a local anti-capitalist meetup group near you; reconnect with your friends and team:



Facebook search, occupy or anonymous group

Meaning that, we could do, this: http://directory.occupy.net/search?search=

Finally, this is a unity proposal, there is no way to vote on it. I must take the opportunity now when presented it by my country and fellow citizens. Printing some out now to show to folks here locally. My bottleneck is in webhits, so you must direct people to this page by sharing it to those you know. This message is simultaneously going out to all the related groups I know and each media contact you are chosen specially. It spreads by word of mouth and forms just like Occupy
did. In unity and a peaceful transition/revolution, thanks. Ed Che.

The Truth About the Illuminati: Escaping Slavery

5 Nov

Hi guys!

Unveiled has been a lot of the truths about how capitalism really happened, and what it’s guilty of in the past. That money head is really a harmful force to us, which gives me concern about other areas and even planets, and thinking of relationships and a better way to be! If you notice on the end of my last post, I unveiled who the folks are who were the master of money distraction:

  Those who don’t get out of money are not going to be all gung-ho illuminati, they going to be left footing a large bill of the illuminati oil barons, war machine financers, home mortgage lenders, federal reserve, and banks credit cards.

America at this time can be pretty upset with the large debt and probably looking to transition their area out. That Sun beat down every day, and meanwhile the moneyless option may be coming in! This is the outcome of a lot of bad decisions, the outcome of capitalism, and furthermore is built in to economics, the architecture of the system itself. Based on greed and selfishness, materialism and disregard for others…

To get out together is to be impervious, and superior. Those who cannot are going to be stuck with a large bill, all of a money system we don’t like?  A large bankruptcy has not been seen; however illuminati banks have done this before, and those who cannot get out are in danger of getting pretty heavily enslaved to the Sun beat down every day.

That we could soon do without yes, but the kingdom is within your own body. It will take all of us to build this new society, well, with some new and great theory, and after this, those who are not able to escape will be literally enslaved by an enemy been building they could do nothing about. The named families you know of that, … If you like income taxes to the debt and austerity measures, then well. Go on about. Wage slavery is your right, and so is our sovereignty if needed, or to take the chance to evolve together! There is plenty more to talk about in life together. A moneyless, currencyless interaction world will not only be good for us, but something they can’t latch onto.

Enough Free Stuff How? Institutes and the RBE

3 Nov

How could things be done to scale, and alternative?

The Institute system is designed to make anything freely available. This is the mechanism underlying the free RBE system. So, amazingly, people have developed all the other components of how the way would work – you know, over the last years. This can be done as a retrofit or a new city, but I ask for the creative commons, attribution non-commercial sharealike with the free world institutes system.

The Base Institute is the only one that would charge, in order to cash out the people. This is the mechanism all the other Institutes get, in order to convert upstream producers. Unless a different greenhouse, etc, was made, I presume a single or few monoculture farmers, whereby even a small portion of their crop in exchange for no utilities is a large amount for the fledgling Institutes to process.

The Institute worker wakes up in the place, a new classless individual whose role is to make x freely available. The Institute worker would live in the environment, ideally, regardless all their needs are provided for. One of the first we have here is the bodega institute, to fit the characteristics of the urban area around us. One cow-share upstream might include making a lot of cheeses, milk, creams, whipped creams, ice cream, butter, and picking it up from the spot which is team level at this point. Ideas are encouraged by task, and expertise and creativity is achieved including being able to soon meet requests as the Base Institute continues to free people; the farmer has the Base inventions, so is included in paradigm and gets anything that’s made.

The Institute worker gets everything provided for, and for this class of individual will probably be relieved to finally be utilized to the extent of his/her physical and mental capacity, ability and creativity, and morale of balance. As well as not in service of that terrible money. In this society, work is optional, but if you’re not doing it you’re not living in that Institute skyscraper.
A card-holder, as well, gets anything made or needed provided for. These are like-minded members of the community, who want everything free stuff at the bodegas or whatever. So long as they don’t have rent, they have the house utilities and the card and get everything will be given them. They complain though, and well they might consider ask, helping out to make a way, meet and outreach, and start the Institute branch doing that. There would be many institutes in a building area, trainings and tools provided a la https://ubuntuusa.com/about-us, and once built self-sufficient by Institutes and resources.

More suggestions in how to get into it is on this blog and the MoLeSo blog. Those who don’t get out of money are not going to be all gung-ho illuminati, they going to be left footing a large bill of the illuminati oil barons, war machine financers, home mortgage lenders, federal reserve, and banks. America at this time can be pretty upset with the large debt and probably looking to transition their area out. That Sun beat down every day, and meanwhile the moneyless option may be coming in! This is the outcome of a lot of bad decisions, the outcome of capitalism, and furthermore is built in to economics, the architecture of the system itself. Based on greed and selfishness, materialism and disregard for neighbors; its no wonder that we would destroy large amounts of our natural treasure for something shiny. The distribution that has arrived a small % of people getting most, and large populations on crumbs a day. A redistribution where its needed gets the Institutes going, and the free everything work-if-you-want system is behind it. Hope you like it. Ed “Che” Miller

A Global Organic Mindset, Moneylesssociety.com, Freeworlder


This one’s “Thatpicture”

19 Oct


Re-blog: Working With the Institutes :)

18 Oct

Hello, folks: I wrote this earlier this year originally at a blog called http://www.moneylesssociety.com.

Hi there! This is Ed Che writing travelling in Chicago currently, and the quest for worldwide freedom could easily be accomplished. Join us in advocating for an Institute system, and contacting currently existing institutes, which unexpectedly and serendipitously match many of the goals of the free world concept.

When we started on this journey that was Occupy Wall Street a few years ago, and the decentralized conversation evolved into being against capitalism, over the whole country of the US. Who would have actually thought: This is actually going to work. Anything, you can imagine or get today, even from a currently for-profit storefront, will soon be switched onto a new functioning system. The aspects of getting the “things” to the places where they need to be can be handled by a new concept that feeds whatever the local area priorities are, called the Institute.

Coming with this innovative distribution system, comes more or less simultaneously in, are the universal inventions which facilitate the free where you are. A simple heater. An engine which uses pure water, in overunity retrofit. A method of cooking that is as flexible as your aspirations to design it, as well as being presently commercially available. Electric, wifi, hot water, fresh drinking water, and transition no-rent housing; which if other things become a community priority then this will make no sense to one, too.

Welcome to a future where everything is free. Things could be supplied to the places where they need to be by an order system, and are picked up, in transition by anyone who is a part. One of my favorite concepts so far is the Sears, Roebuck institute, which would use a resource based economy in order to make available the abundance to anyone who ordered. Since these things are community priorities, someone would do them, even if no one had to. There is a way to gather the resources (mined by robots with a built-in ecological awareness), and we work for each other, in a new bio-regional area, but still okay if mostly for yourself and your family.

What would a free city be like? Imagine to go downtown and get a meal (diner style or all-you-can-eat in the morning). The building draws you in to multiple rooms which are designed to include people in the processes of making things, and you find something that interests you. You can get involved in the making of software, art, culture, music, or anything you feel. As you go, you get to know folks who are also there and this becomes a home away from home. You live there even, and put together the pieces or recordings of what’s going on. There is no job for someone, there is no money, and others will be doing other things you care about for you, so you can pursue a mastery and not worry about if there will be things for you after. To change masteries one can, and the new training and tools will be provided.

Would there be those who would try to slack or self-ish the system? Of course! However, these people are part of our human family, and deserve food and a place to stay, as well. While the only necessary rule is, “don’t aggro the admin,” there would be some amongst us (more reptilian, let’s be honest), who would be limiters ingeniously appropriate based on what the object is. There would also be the presenters, people who are adept at displaying objects which were ordered and delivered from different institutes. They do this because they are genuinely interested in making sure that others have what they like. (more, Plieadian.) Finally, home-based people with cars who are interested in baking for example could gather bulk parts wholesale from the institutes directly, leaving their advanced cooking preparation to be a drive around to different places. The folks could make suggestions on the internet, which would hold a different weight based on whether they were willing to do anything to help make it happen. This suggestion to provide a certain object would be taken into account by the open community, and hackers and makers would try to make this person’s demand from the bulk of available resources/materials institutes available. If it could not be met and is a popular enough demand, then systems and institutes form to meet that with next year’s abundance.

Transitionary systems can be designed by present forward-thinking and supportive for-profits by a “cash out” model – design to sell something once so that it afterwards is free, maintained with minimal staff and money, and provide regular free upgrades in the future. If you did this, probably everyone would do it, and your present-day employees get the benefits to being an early adopter. Furthermore, the institute model thus detailed allows for American sense of prestige, reward for boomers who worked hard, allowing current bank accounts to be transformed into a more glamorous freedom: it will be easy for the current wealthy to get free, others will have to work at it. Boomers would then be able to retire and not worry about expensive plans, applying for stuff, or a world and life of extreme scarcity. The current 1% (who, keep in mind, may have thrived on cheating, dog-eat-dog, oil, and destruction of traditional societies) should invest in things with no return, granting a future of plenty and peace and stop further environmental destruction, even of other planets.

With such a model in full functioning, there would be no reason for other constructions. Corporations, there would not be room for them as the green paper formerly the highest concern of all beings becomes silly. Housing would be built with a clear motive: freedom. Everyone would do what they love, and with clear reasoning. New things are hacked and come out every day, and fame of inventors would spread quickly.

So this is a call to join in imagining, drawing, and advocating for such an advanced system, and celebrate. As someone who is reading this post, an institute for a manageable thing could be in your future. Nearly everyone in humanity would be happy for and support such a system. We are near breaking the chains that have enslaved nearly every other thinker. It’s amazing, crazy, and beautiful, but yet it could work. What do you think?

Please follow my blog and twitter for more real-time updates as we try to implement this system in Detroit; https://eddiemill.wordpress.com/ and http://twitter.com/eddiemill, or email me at ed.che@riseup.net. Ed currently operates at the Base Institute in Detroit and so would appreciate the creative commons: NC;SA be respected with future Institutes.


New York Needs Another Skyscraper – on Rent To Own

16 Oct

Why New York needs more tall buildings: On Rent-To-Own in Cities and A noncapitalist skyscraper

Okay so how many people you got in one of these cities like tons. And, how can it be that coming up, $800 dollars a week is going to be sustainable? That’s on top of the minor things it takes to live, which impoverishes the people. So, with no one having much extra except for that café and the bodega, we’re near close to free right? Anyways, different conversation. This one is called Why New York needs more tall buildings, and you’ll see why in a moment this is a plan for a non-capitalist skyscraper. Other buildings could be retrofit, too. The concept is called rent-to-own, and that’s something I think would appeal to many city folk.

What are the advantages to an apartment in the first place? If you’ve lived in one you know them: a space that you can call your own, not all the hassle of a house, has the “things” that define modern life: a tv, internet probably, some electricity, kitchen appliances, running water built in, okay. How is this particular building of apartments built? Now, here is the first ready-set-go assumption: that these utilities can be provided in a de-centralized way and in their own abundance without a money-per-month type arrangement. The building is built with these things, which other than any natural limits, which solves our sustainability crisis right there. Alright. Now that the building is built, windows sealed, that central HHO, forced-air heater hooked up to your thermostats, light and power all connected, we are ready for some tenants and ready to pay back the building.

Rent-to-own premise part 1. Imagine you are a young couple moving to the City, ready to make a go of it, or you are a single traveller who’s ready for what that City is. You find apartments on a competitive rate find basis, but you don’t really want to be saddled with that. What would be better is to have your space that no one’s going to come kick you out of, establish yourself and hit the ground running, but really you’d like to own. Every month some dude coming to your door is not classy, and lurking like a predatory investor really. After you owned, he’d be your friend and know you. You require less orienting and turnover rate, and you know how to be in the City. However, you cannot be like “oh, my friend is going to take over,” no: original application ownership cannot change. If for any reason you want to leave that place (apartment dwellers prefer apt for their flexibility too), you do so with no penalty and the apartment goes back into the pool: you keep your mobility and are not tied.. you don’t have to deal with selling like you would a house.

Cause Ownership is the dream of every New Yorker. Additionally, many in our generation feel this sense of loss that things that used to be so symbolic of our country are a false profit-ic shell of capitalism, the police and judicial system, and a new world order charade that continues to make sure the rich get richer while the poor run on the survival pressure rat-race. If we (including many of the intelligentsia/politicians) know how not to be, that we don’t want capitalism communism or socialism, if the opportunity comes up we might just take it. This plan sets up a way to transition our occupy housing to accomodate, in a way which pays for itself, and paves the way for information and culture- sector researchers and institute workers of whatever type the future holds in store for us. We can meet those dreams and requests in a way that doesn’t constantly kill ourselves doing it either. I hope that this is clear: a plan which houses folks luxuriously and pays for itself? Who will fund me, let’s take this on.

In fact, such a plan does not even have to be funded and taken on by me, the subconscious search for rent-to-own in cities like Chicago and New York will do it on it’s own. Perhaps 2015 may not completely change every landlord’s heart, but to tend away from, that, can eventually change or eliminate what can be a really harmful way of being. We in turn populate more our cities with folks who can be competent there, giving them an adequate sampling, everyone has their turn, keeping minds open for transition, and 8 months later you are, a lot freer. I hope this plan gains traction and substance as folks talk it. Namasté, Ed Che. A Global Organic Mindset written Wednesday, September 23. Published Oct. 13th, 2015.

Tribal Paradigm: lifestyle

25 Jun

Hi there!

In the emergence of a new paradigm which works for and elevates the human condition, we can adapt new modes and models to help understand humanity deeper and better. Once established, the model will easily fit most anyone who comes into it, and other methods (such as key-giving) could be used to deeper incorporate the people who show promise. These interface procedures deepen trust at the level of community. Deanne Bednar, of Strawbale Studio, said she likes to think of what did they do at the village and tribe, and how can we get closer to that. We are the generations dissatisfied with this myth of progress. We know the truth of history and the history of money. [link] Let’s come together and make a better system. Straight up.

Work Camp – it’s like, someone gives you a cigarette or a few afterwards.

It’s time to re-form our brain and do things for the other in clear places that are designated for work. Things like quality and time will be accounted for, and that’s righteous. Skilled craftspeople are held pretty highly in society.


There is no need for money in this society. We are in urban Detroit, where over 40% were unemployed before the revolution. Now, they are being led to freedom. I have been amazed at the spirit of ubuntu generosity I have experienced from everyone here already. If anything is to be made, it is right now made out of recycle stream, and soon when we capture a mine to be added as we can produce from source. Gas money. The steel for example is used to make sheets, for the HHO cells which free farmers for more quantity and variety, and to make secondary products via our bodega institute. Wood is all over the city which we can deconstruct houses for. Opening up houses can be good alternative work, or vocation. The land is free as the mother gave it, if there’s a building on it well, then someone might have just claim to that. For anyone in this labor force, it’s making the things that we want.

Free Camp – pizza recipe: bread, sauce, and oil. Satisfies the craving.

Gardening Camp – go there during the day, do a lot of stuff, gets a bag of weed.

Think about a new institute. This could do as many things as it wants to, as is manageable, and could be added to or removed from as demand goes. They want you to grow things. If you agree to voluntarily grow something for society, then you’ll be gifted the seeds and tools, and people will come help you set up.

Camp Corporate – would like a vodka drink of choice or bar environment

Advanced manufactured things are made in different shops around the city, to order, from the available institutes. As more things are freed across Michigan, we expect that more things will be made. If it’s something that comes from growing, let’s take up growing that thing in our greenhouses. Things that come in from outside are donated, are in-kind. Furthermore, membership includes free everything that anyone else makes. Note: you’ll have a free house with no bills, as well. Then we’ll get to the free store, as in the vision.

Village apprenticeships

Different shops are around to apprentice at, and creativity combines different requests, essential oils, and gets seeds ready. City government would provide all the necessary tools for your trade, in the meantime we use hackerspaces and the makerspace like the George Washington Library in Chicago. Education is passed on from wisdom that elders have learned, and they want something to do well that is take up teaching other kids in the neighborhood. We will have transitioned up to 4 schools in Eastern detroit which were shut down when there was no money, and now with the city’s permission they do not use money nor train people for a society with it.

Space Age Free Future: One in which no currency is used, rather the full spectrum of humanity is known in those that you would deal with or know and love.

Institutes for the Future

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