The Truth About the Illuminati: Escaping Slavery

5 Nov

Hi guys!

Unveiled has been a lot of the truths about how capitalism really happened, and what it’s guilty of in the past. That money head is really a harmful force to us, which gives me concern about other areas and even planets, and thinking of relationships and a better way to be! If you notice on the end of my last post, I unveiled who the folks are who were the master of money distraction:

  Those who don’t get out of money are not going to be all gung-ho illuminati, they going to be left footing a large bill of the illuminati oil barons, war machine financers, home mortgage lenders, federal reserve, and banks credit cards.

America at this time can be pretty upset with the large debt and probably looking to transition their area out. That Sun beat down every day, and meanwhile the moneyless option may be coming in! This is the outcome of a lot of bad decisions, the outcome of capitalism, and furthermore is built in to economics, the architecture of the system itself. Based on greed and selfishness, materialism and disregard for others…

To get out together is to be impervious, and superior. Those who cannot are going to be stuck with a large bill, all of a money system we don’t like?  A large bankruptcy has not been seen; however illuminati banks have done this before, and those who cannot get out are in danger of getting pretty heavily enslaved to the Sun beat down every day.

That we could soon do without yes, but the kingdom is within your own body. It will take all of us to build this new society, well, with some new and great theory, and after this, those who are not able to escape will be literally enslaved by an enemy been building they could do nothing about. The named families you know of that, … If you like income taxes to the debt and austerity measures, then well. Go on about. Wage slavery is your right, and so is our sovereignty if needed, or to take the chance to evolve together! There is plenty more to talk about in life together. A moneyless, currencyless interaction world will not only be good for us, but something they can’t latch onto.


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