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My Life at Small Planet

2 Oct

Hello, (and sorry for not updating for a while):

Life has been hectic (setting up in Boston), but good. I have been on my bike to many different events, and a stellar mix of people/places/things to enjoy around the city. In this post I talk more about my former work, maybe you have heard about it, at the Small Planet Institute in Cambridge.

For quick updates about what we’re doing, follow @SmallPlanetInst on twitter. For the implications of some of the research I was doing for the book, read on dear reader:

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28 Apr

Check out the crazy new format! Inspired by twitter (follow me: http://twitter.com/eddiemill/), let me know what you think of it. Do you have time to read long posts?

Today’s post is about Julio, the man with the most beautiful farm in the world, my good friend and co-founder of a model farm that will change the world.
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Hello, world!

26 Oct

Thanks for clicking in.

Welcome to Eddie’s new blog. I hope this will be not only a catalogue of my journey in development and social entrepreneurship, but informative and interactive perspective on current affairs as I see it.

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Be sure to check the about page: eddiemill.wordpress.com/about

Other blogs I write for:
Massachusetts Power Shift: for headlines on the youth climate movement, and clean energy in Massachusetts. Url: mapsblog.wordpress.com

BU People Watching: for experiences and insights around Boston. Home of the Boston University People watching club. Url: watchingpeople.wordpress.com

My old blog: journal-type observations from this spring and summer.