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The Next Globalization is Local:

19 Dec

Like any good Economics student, I start this article with a quote by Thomas Friedman in his definition in awkward-titled essay on “Glocalization”: “To absorb influences that naturally fit into and can enrich a culture: to resist those things that are truly alien and to compartmentalize those things that, while different, can be enjoyed and celebrated as different.” I now proceed to show the Economic justification for a more stable next generation of destructive free trade policies… [yes, it’s more than just a trend.]

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Happiness theory

15 Aug

A philosophy of happiness. My dad´s response to my left me thinking hard about said happy and what that means. If we search for happiness like we do money, that is very significant. It seems it isn´t guaranteed by financial or material well-being, but your life situation has a big part to deal with it. If you say it´s entirely an inner state the discussion enters the field of self-help and spirituality. I´ve found a lot of truth in improving both areas, but it´s a lot to keep track of! Do you approach life with defined goals and morals, or just slow down and let life’s balance catch you? Over the summer I have been developing this philosophy. Thank you for reading and your comments. Please share url: https://eddiemill.wordpress.com/2009/08/13/happiness-theory/

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Yes we CAN! Summer Intern Thoughts

7 Aug

Eddie is so happy to be back within internet range (*internet grasp?) to be able to share about wonderful experiences and thoughts. In particular, it was 2.5 months in CoopaBuena, Costa Rica, which lies about 30 kilometers from Panama on the South side. See background post: /~/a-different-perspective-participatory-action-research/. After the fact, I’ve not only grown in a lot of personal ways (next post, a good dual purpose of this blog) but have some sound advice for organizations, researchers, and extension agents who are looking to expand to this area.
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If I were an Anthropologist…

29 Jun

I would probably come study Cartago

Originally passing through for motorcycle repair, gas, and to see the church, I ended up staying the night when I met a mechanic who offered me passage for the night. What I found was a pleasant city almost devoid of alcohol or bad influence.

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The community reality

11 Jun

It is a great time to be alive and thinking about things (observing changes). Now is really a tipping point for technology, community-led social change, and world progress in an economic sense. In this post I explain some of the projects I have found myself in here, and how they fit into a bigger picture. You know Agua Buena from my last post and [this link], now here is the present situation.

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A Different Perspective: Participatory Action Research

7 Jun

Coffee Action! research…

This is the introductory post to my new place for the Summer. I am now in Coopabuena, Costa Rica… about 30 miles from the Costa Rica-Panama border. One thing I am trying to do recently is keep my writing as grounded as possible. It’s too easy to use dogmatisms and concepts and miss real life in writing. See if you notice in this history/diretions post.

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Summer plans May 6-8: Tortuga Island, …

3 May

I’m finishing up the semester now at the School for Field Studies, Costa Rica, and looking ahead at a great summer.
See my final paper for the course, here: https://eddiemill.files.wordpress.com/dr-paper-1.doc

Summer plans
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